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School Features

Nice Educational Atmosphere

Sindong Junior High School offers an inquiry based, student centered and academically rigorous curriculum that addresses the intellectual, social and emotional needs of each students.


Ambitious Learning Goals

Our goal is to develop young people who are open minded, caring, good communicators and ready to take responsibility for making a difference to the world around them.


Beautiful Campus

Our school has reconstructed. Our campus is not only beautiful but also rich in learning.


Experienced teachers

Our teachers have great passion with education and hold optimistic attitude toward students’ learning outcomes.


Integrated Resources and Characteristic Curriculum

Surrounded by rich cultural heritages within the school district and the combination of community resources, we develop the school-based curriculum—the passion and understanding for our hometown. It helps students’ affection for the hometown grows, and broadens their world view.


Diversified Clubs and Happy Learning

The clubs are diversified and multiple learning is provided. Students are guided to explore themselves and develop their interests and potential.


Happy Reading and Scholarly Campus

Students are encouraged to read extensively and enhance expression skills. Reading becomes part of their leisure activities.


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